The Wili Queen

...And she forgave him..

The Last Wili Standing
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30-Something Mother of 2, in search of her 20-something physique, a better outlook on life, and good advice. Honest, positive friends welcome, but it isn't necessary. Privacy will be in varying degrees. I'm also recording my eating habits, exercise habits and weight-loss here. I'm on a mission to like myself when I'm naked by October. All encouragement appreciated ;) I will be posting pictures of my progress, but those will be friends-only, and maybe even private, depending on the limits of my bravery. :X

This is not my first journal, nor is it my only journal. I don't plan on "cross-friending", although if I meet mutual friends here, I'm not worried about it. I don't like drama, and I have enough of it in my life. Leave me alone if that's what you're about. I won't miss you. :)